André Rodrigues

I love taking on challenges where we can leverage technology in novel ways to help people.

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Book Chapter in Web Accessibility

Mobile Web SOURCE

10 different smartphone applications with 10 very different interfaces.

In this chapter, we focus our attention on the specific challenges of mobile devices for accessibility, and how those have been addressed in the development and evaluation of mobile interfaces and contents. We finish with a discussion on future directions in the field, that outlines the need to learn from the fast emergence of a mobile world, and be prepared for the impact of other upcoming technologies.

Video Competition HRI [Best Video Award]

Exploring Collaborative Interactions Between Robots and Blind People VIDEO

Two blind people doing a tagram puzzle with the help of a robot. One the robot is helping the user with its arms (Condition CAR); in the other the robot is still just providing audio instructions (Condition VOAR).

Our goal is to disseminate an exploratory investigation that examined how physical presence and collaboration can be important factors in the development of assistive robots that can go beyond information-giving technologies. In particular, this video exhibits the setting and procedures of a user study that explored different types of collaborative interactions between robots and blind people.


Poster MobileHCI

AidMe: Interactive Non-Visual Smartphone Tutorials PDF

AidMe is a system-wide authoring and playthrough of non-visual interactive tutorials. Tutorials are created via user demonstration and narration. We relied on AidMe to conduct a preliminary study with 11 blind participants gaining insights into the development of accessible interactive non-visual tutorials.


What My Eyes Can’t See, A Robot Can Show Me: Exploring the Collaboration Between Blind People and Robots PDF

Blind person touching a robot extended arm

In this paper, we explore how assistive robots can go beyond information-giving assistive technologies (e.g., screen readers) by physically collaborating with blind people in an assembly task.